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We extend an invitation to rediscover the profound narratives embedded within yourself, your family, and your community.

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Intangible Treasures


we invite you

To rediscover the profound narratives embedded within yourself, your family, and your community

Connection Heals

Document the captivating journey of your loved ones trial to triumph.

Preserve Heritage

Craft the rich heritage of your lineage into simple and fun-loving stories to share.


Expand the imaginations of the minds for generations to come.
What we offer

Raising the vibration of future generations.

Intangible Treasures’ products inspire and connect our customers with life’s treasures of wisdom, healing, love and joy. We specialize in crafting bespoke legacy products to evoke deep family and community connections. Our collection includes children’s books, family yearbooks, and biographical journeys that delicately capture the essence of love, laughter, and life lessons.
Connection heals

The purpose in our products.


Capture lessons and wisdom that will raise the vibration of future generations.


Generational wisdom becomes tangible and as valuable as generational wealth. Our customers and those who engage with our content are cognizant of how they are building generational wisdom through their life stories.


Intangible Treasure is a space of joy for all staff and delivers excellence to partners and clients. We are an example of a successful business that prioritizes wellness. We are guided by the principles of service and integrity. We remain our accountable to our values by:
  • Respecting work hours.
  • Providing generous benefits package.
  • Implementing a coaching and accountability leadership style.
  • Welcoming direct and open communication
Meet The Creator

Are you the leading matriarch of your family?

Cemeré James is a leading advocate for early childhood development and care. Her passion for cultural advancement drives her to create meaningful and enriching avenues and products to support our youth at the most critical stages of evolution.

Cemeré acknowledges that family (biological, adopted or chosen) is the sounding board for every child’s future. Chronicling one’s line of descent to pass on through generations to come is a power move. This revolutionary act of facilitating strong roots through literacy is highlighted in her legacy products.

We support our
clients in preserving
the voice of their
youth for deeper



We Convene

Each customer has the opportunity to meet with our creative team after submitting their order.


We Craft

Our customers trust us to do all the work of crafting narratives and matching their stories with beautiful images creating heartfelt memorabilia.


We Deliver

We ship physical representations of precious memories directly to customers.

The Collection

Bespoke Legacy Products

Our customized line includes carefully curated children’s books, poetry books, or recipe books. Responding to customer demand, our children’s books tell the stories of familial or community elders, preserving and sharing invaluable wisdom.
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Ages 2-4

ABC Book
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Ages 4-6

Poetry Book
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Ages 6-8

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Family Year Book

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