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We believe in capturing joy.

Sarah Dawoud

Executive Assistant

I am currently the executive assistant for Cemeré James as she embarks on this journey of entrepreneurship. I came from a background in education and law prior to this position. To be at a point in my career where I am working for a startup and being a part of building something from the ground up has been amazing.
Rob Rice


Rob Rice has been an illustrator and animator since graduating from the Art Institute in Chicago, Illinois, in 2008. He loves to bring stories to life that build character and inspire readers to feel good about themselves and accomplish great feats. In 2017, Rob had his greatest challenge yet. He lost his dominant right hand in an accident. He then taught himself how to draw and paint with his left hand and was able to continue to do what he loves. | Portfolio
Lee Wonten

Media Producer

Our mission is to turn joyful fleeting moments into beautiful lasting memories through the art of film and photography.
Michelle Finney


As a Graphic Design Specialist (print and digital), the best part of operating my design corporation for 24 years is getting to know my clients, finding out what their goals are, and being a part of the process of success. I’ve enjoyed assisting a large variety of clients including hospitals, universities, start-ups, publishing executives, national associations, realtors, non-profits and the list goes on and on. Specialties include trade publications, educational materials, trade show displays and billboards, books and periodicals, social media products, and corporate identity.
LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter | Portfolio
Jadin Proctor


Artist, engineer, and reptile lover. passionate about visual storytelling and all things art and creativity.
Marshall Montner

Content Creator

Marshall, a recent graduate of Trinity College-Hartford, was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has a passion for art in its various forms. His fascination with the arts from a young age has seamlessly transitioned into a deep appreciation for design and creating content. | Portfolio
Theodore Ebana

Creative Writer

Hello, my name is Theo and I’m currently a college student majoring in English with a minor in creative writing. | Email
Lani Sahulga


My name is Lani Sahulga, a Black American artist on the East Coast. Raised in Washington D.C., I am a recent 22′ undergrad from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). I have an affinity for sequential art, illustration in both digital and traditional mediums, character design, and concept work revolving around fantasy, my personal values, and stories close to my upbringing. |Portfolio
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