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We extend an invitation to rediscover the profound narratives embedded within yourself, your family, and your community.

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Our Origins
Meet the Creator

Our company believes in the transformative power of stories.

At the heart of Intangible Treasures lies a commitment to elevating non-financial wealth. We aim to resoundingly remind individuals of the inherent value within their non-financial legacies.

Intangible Treasures believes in...

Equitable access to generational wealth through the stories that define us.

Tales of triumph, laughter that transcends pain, and the resilient spirit that courses through our familial histories.

The transformative power of stories to call us back home.

Bridging the gap between digital information and the authentic wisdom embedded in our collective narratives.

Central to our vision is the cultivation of stronger connections within communities, families, and chosen families alike. We aspire to create an inclusive space where individuals from all communities feel profoundly connected to the pillars of wisdom, guidance, and enriching storytelling.

What sets Intangible Treasures apart is not just our mission but our execution. Intangible Treasures stands as a beacon, celebrating the richness of every story, lesson, and connection that shapes our lives today.

Loving Mama

I'm a mama, a wife, the youngest of 6, the daughter of a preacher and teacher (Alumni's of Spelman and Morehouse).

Proud Alumni

I'm a proud graduate of Florida A&M University, Girl's High, Northwestern and University of Chicago.

In Service
My greatest gift is that a Power greater than myself has called me to serve.
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